Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Albay in Google Earth

In the most recent Google Earth update last month, several towns and one city in the province of Albay now have high-resolution satellite imagery. These newly high-res areas include Ligao City, Guinobatan, Oas, Libon, Tiwi, Manito, Jovellar and Malinao. Camalig is also on high resolution but is partly hidden by clouds.

Among Albay's municipalities and cities, only Rapu-Rapu, parts of Polangui, and Pio Duran remain in low resolution. Legazpi City and Daraga first went high-res back in June 2006. The city of Tabaco and the towns of Sto. Domingo, Bacacay and Malilipot followed suit a few months later.

Browsing Google Earth is one of my favorite time wasters. Exploring both familiar and unfamiliar places through satellite imagery is what I call Google Earth sightseeing. It certainly provides a different perspective of the world around us. A great blog about Google Earth sightseeing is Vista Pinas, which features Filipino sights as seen from satellite images found in Google Earth and Google Maps.

Here are some screen grabs (click to enlarge) of newly high-res areas in Albay. Screen shots won't do justice, though. The best way to view these satellite images is through Google Earth.

Ligao City






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