Friday, August 15, 2008


It has been 57 days since I last updated this blog but it already feels like months. To say that the last one and a half months has been eventful is a gross understatement. In those 57 days, nothing short of a seismic shift in my professional and personal life has happened. The quietness of this blog contrasts with the upheaval happening in real life, brought by changes, choices and the chaos that follow.

You may wonder what kept me from blogging for 57 days. I guess there was just too much to think of and say. And there was too little time and opportunity to express those thoughts in a manner that will give them justice. But you can't keep water from a wellspring from flowing and you can't keep a writer from expressing.

That's why I'm back, ready to reanimate this little virtual sanctum of my psyche. I owe it to this blog's handful of readers, and to friends who take a peek once in a while. But more than anything else, I owe it to myself to keep this thing going. Blogging may mean a whole lot of different things to different people; but to me, it's simply good ol' self-expression and sharing stuff that I know and am interested in.

BTW, I'm happy that even without updating for so long, this blog's traffic still reached a personal all-time high last month. It may not be that much but for a stat junkie like me, It feels good to know that what I've posted here over the last two years are interesting enough to gain at least a few readers. It is a well worn statement but really, thanks for dropping by. PsychoSanctum reanimation is on.

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peachy said...

Congrats Sir Dex! You're back! Haha. And yeah, you surely couldn't really force ideas out of the writer. But yeah. It's good to know you're back.